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Tooth Extractions in Willingboro at Contemporary Dental Associates

The most common reason for tooth extractions in Willingboro involve teeth that are badly damaged from either trauma or decay and cannot be repaired through other restorative procedures. While we often assume our teeth will last a lifetime, there are a number of reasons why a tooth extraction might be necessary.

Willingboro Tooth Extraction Procedure

An extraction procedure in Willingboro by Dr. Adelstein will typically be a last resort option after every effort to restore and repair the tooth have been complete. Before removing the tooth, Dr. Adelstein will numb the area. To remove the tooth, he will grasp the tooth using forceps and gently rock the tooth back and forth to loosen it from the jawbone and ligaments holding it in place. If the tooth is impacted, you might need it surgically removed–Dr. Adelstein will provide proper instructions if this is the case.

After the Willingboro tooth extraction is complete, a blood clot will typically form in the socket. In some cases, stitches might be needed to close the gum in the extraction site. Recovery time will typically be a few days, and Dr. Adelstein will provide postoperative care instructions for you. If any follow-up care will be needed, you will receive this information as well.
Our Willingboro, NJ dentist, Dr. Adelstein, is very gentle from start to finish. His main concern is always your comfort. Patients have even hugged him after an extraction!